Lana & Stephen

Fun Silver Jewellery

At Oddbox Studio, you’ll discover expertly handcrafted rings, enamel earrings, pendant necklaces and hammered bangles and cuffs. Our jewellery is made for customers who appreciate bold and empowering designs. Looking to purchase a thoughtful gift or a conversation-starting piece for your own collection? You’re certain to discover something one-of-a-kind in our shop.

I’m Stephen Capp, owner, designer, and maker at Oddbox Studio. Located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, our modest-but-mighty studio is where we do everything from the initial design to the final polish. Over the last 20 years, we have practiced and honed this craft into a business that continues growing each year.

While I do nearly all of the design and production, my wife Lana is always ready to jump in as a sounding board, jewellery test pilot, product model, and an extra pair of hands as we’re preparing for large craft shows.