Linda Darty Enamel Workshop

Enamelist Linda Darty & her book The Art of Enameling

Enamelist Linda Darty & her book The Art of Enameling

Some time ago, the Alberta University of the Arts (formerly ACAD) hosted a workshop with enamellist Linda Darty; a Professor of Jewelry Design at East Carolina University and author of The Art of Enameling.

I had purchased purchased her book only a couple of weeks before as I was looking to explore some different techniques for adding colour to metal. When I heard about the workshop I signed up right away and was glad to get in.

One of the things I enjoy about these small groups is that there’s plenty of time for interaction, making samples and chatting with other makers. Linda has been enamelling since the 70s and is a wealth of information so it was great to ask questions about different materials and processes.

Another highlight of the workshop was being able to paw through all the samples she brought. Sooooo many different techniques and materials laid out on the table. You could hold up the different pieces, ask a question and she would explain her process and what ideas she was exploring at the time. It was fascinating to see how they were made and how various problems were solved during their construction.

All in all, it was a fantastic workshop and I hope to attend another in the future.