Making the Anvil Ring

If you see any kind of metal work being done, you’ve probably seen an anvil sitting in the background somewhere.

They come in all shapes and sizes depending on the type of work being done. I was messing around trying to make a men’s signet ring. I wanted to make something a little bolder than the typical designs most people are familiar with. When I came across a photo of the the Acoustic Anvil sculpture in Vancouver and saw its flat top and the sharp heel, I thought that would look pretty slick as a ring.

Acoustic Anvil: A Small Weight to Forge the Sea

I blocked out the general shape of the ring in Modo then imported that model into ZBrush to tweak the design further. Then I printed the ring in castable resin on my Formlabs 3D printer and cast it in sterling silver. While its a big ring (22g of silver) it’s surprisingly comfortable to wear.