Studio Playlist - Boards of Canada

I don’t remember when I first heard the music of Boards of Canada but I do remember that I immediately knew they were going to be one of my favourite bands. Ever. Ever ever.

Boards of Canada

From Bleep: “Boards of Canada is a Scottish electronic music duo comprised of brothers Mike Sandison and Marcus Eoin.” Their music has a floating, layering kind of sound that builds and crumbles and ebbs and flows. It’s. So. Good. It’s also peppered with little sound bites from old Film Board of Canada soundtracks which give it give it a compelling nostalgic twinge (maybe it’s more noticeable if you’re from Canada).

It's been years now and I’ve never grown tired of listening to any of the albums I have in rotation. I’ve easily played Dayvan Cowboy hundreds of times. Give it a listen.